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About Montcalm Conservation District

The Montcalm Conservation District was organized in 1948. Districts are organized by land owners and occupiers. The district is governed by a five member board elected by residents of the district at the annual meeting.

Districts are units of Government by which local people with the assistance of public agencies work together to solve soil and water problems. Technical assistance is provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The district’s programs are directed toward erosion control, efficient land use, maintaining soil productivity, water management and promoting a stewardship for the land. Each year the district also has a very successful tree seedling program.

Mission Statement

Protecting Montcalm County’s natural resources though education, outreach, and partnerships.


1. PROTECTION OF LAND AND WATER: Provide technical assistance through staff and referrals. Develop programs that assist landowners in Montcalm County.

2. LAND USE: Promote land uses which maintain, enhance, and protect the diversity and productivity of the county’s natural resources.

3. EDUCATION: Provide educational and informational activities to promote appreciation for and the understanding and implementation of proper resource management.

4. WILDLIFE HABITAT: Promote programs to enhance, improve and control our wildlife habitat.

5. NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT: Promote, and provide education on the importance of, proper waste and fertilizer/nutrient management.

Freedom of Information Act Policy

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