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77 South State St. Stanton, MI 48888
Phone: (989) 831-4606 Ext. 5

Protecting Montcalm County’s natural resources through education, outreach and participation.

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What’s new at the District?

New 2016 Photo Contest! We’re excited to announce our first photo contest. The categories are: ‘Montcalm’s Best’, ‘Wildlife & Water’, ‘Kids in Nature’ and ‘Animals on the Farm’. Electronic submissions only, email nick.sanchez@mi.nacdnet.net Deadline for submission will be Sept. 1st 2016. Prize winners will be announced at the Annual Meeting in October (date, time and location details to be announced). $50 first place prize, $20 second place prize, $10 third place prize. Fill out a registration form to enter the contest. For information call (989) 831-4606 Ext 5. Read and download the forms on the Photo Contest page for more information and to get started, click on the green text ‘Download PDF’ below the preview window. All photographs submitted and accepted will be on display at our annual meeting. Contest open to Montcalm County residents only. All photos should be taken in Montcalm County.

Attention Producers in the Pine River Watershed: The Saginaw Bay Watershed Pay-for-Performance (PfP) Project offers a non-traditional conservation funding option for land users in the Saginaw Bay Watershed (which includes the Pine!). Through PFP, participants receive annual payments based on the sediment load reductions they achieve by implementing new soil conservation practices.For more information contact the Sanilac Conservation District Technician, Megan Naplin at (810) 824-6253 or megan.naplin@macd.org. More information can also be found on the Sanilac Conservation District Website.

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